Paintings prior 2013

Change in identity 

Life is a Carnival I 

By the wall 

The others I 

The others II 

The others III 

The space between us 

The others IV 



The pale girls 

Life is a Carnival II 

Anybody =Nobody I 

Anybody=Nobody II 

Anybody=Nobody III 

Anybody=Nobody IV 

Anybody=Nobody V 

Anybody=Nobody VI 

Anybody=Nobody VII 

Anybody=Nobody VIII 

Anybody=Nobody IX 

Anybody=Nobody X 

Anybody=Nobody XI 

Anybody=Nobody XII 



The others V 

The wedding 

The others VI 

The others VII 

The others VIII 

The others IX 

The others X 


The dancer 

Life is a Carnival III 

Too much order 


Life is a Carnival IV 

Anybody=Nobody XIII 

Ice princess 

The frozen lake 


The hidden light 

The frozen cranberries 

The frozen rock 

More snow to come 

The light returns 

Soft but cold 

The frozen pond 

There are no birds 

The waterfall 

The light is behind the corner 

The lace collar 

Next to the city 

French manicure 

Ice princess II 

The frozen cranberries I 

Early spring 

Birds eye perspective 

The river is freezing 

On the rock 


The old path 

Black ice 

The fragile transition 

On the opposite side 

Hall bay 

The snowball 

Feeling blue 

Frozen roots 

Ice princess III 

Change in Identity I 

Change in identity II 

Oilpaint and pigment on mdf-board.