Artist Statement

»Paintings from 2013«

From the series: Free-Floating, Oil on mdf, 40 x 28 cm
»Paintings from 2016«

Forever Young nr 7, oil painting on mdf, 195 x 35 cm
»Paintings from 2020«

The dress of power, Woolen knitted dress, 240 x 120 x 120 cm.

Mutation makes beauty

Keep On Following, 172 x 92 cm
»Paintings from 2019«

From the series: Free-Floating, Oil paint on mdf, 40 x 28 cm
»Paintings from 2016«

The dream of eternal youth, Mixed media 90 cm x 90 cm x 130 cm and 18 paintings each 65 x 35 cm

Are You Talking To Me? Oil on mdf, 172 x 92 cm
»Paintings from 2019«

Refugee II
»Paintings from 2015«

Hall bay
»Paintings prior 2013«

My grandmother laid eggs for my mother who laid eggs for me to become

Into another dimension, oil paint on mdf-board, 140 x 110 cm
»Paintings from 2021«

Looking out, Oil on mdf-board, 40 x 28 cm
»Paintings from 2024«

Take off

Golden Installation no 2, oil on paper, 40 x 30 cm
»Paintings from 2023«

The dress, Oil painting, 140 x 110 cm.
»Paintings from 2017«

From the series Free floating, Oil paint on mdf board, 40 x 28 cm
»Paintings from 2016«

The end of a long journey, Oil paint and collage on mdf-board, 50 x 50 cm
»Paintings from 2021«

Refugee III
»Paintings from 2015«

The Finnish painter and installation artist Maria Wolfram lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.

Identity, interaction, human condition and power are returning topics in Wolfram´s art. She exhibits frequently installations combining paintings and mixed media sculptures using oil, acrylic, ink and collage on linen, mdf-panel or card. In her sculptures she uses material such as stockings, textiles, knitted or chrocheted elements, shoes, hair and feathers. Materiality and an experimental approach often spiced with humour are important elements in Wolfram´s practice.

Wolfram looks at the world from a female perspective and she likes to challenge and confront the viewer with questions related to exclusion and inclusion. She draws inspiration from everyday encounters with people; contemporary posing culture where people create a particular identity for themselves and from a culture that is defined by the endless hunger to be seen.

Maria´s portraits capture intimate glimpses of fleeting moments of something unmasked and real. They seem to look back at us asking: What do you see when you look at me? Her work is an attempt to create a dialogue between the surface and the hidden and the public and the private. In this time of history in an increasingly dehumanized world Wolfram makes art that mirrors real human experiences and emotions.

Maria Wolfram graduated as Bachelor of Fine Art from Kingston University in London in year 2000 and as Master of Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of London in year 2002. Since then she has frequently exhibited her art and has had over 20 solo exhibitions both in Finland and abroad.

Maria Wolfram has received many awards and scholarships both in Finland and in England. She is also an active member of the Finnish artists community where she has had many positions of trust.